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My name is Léonie and this blog is dedicated to youtubers.

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In Zoe's house there are no locks on bathrooms... (x)
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As you can tell, I have reached 7k followers, and I honestly don’t know why… This is my first follow forever so please bare with me! I would like to take 5 minutes of your life that you won’t get back (heh if you get my reference) to thank all the lovely blogs I follow for making my dash frick frackin awesome. 


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Sorry if I forgot anyone because my blog randomly unfollowed over 40 people and I have a horrible memory!):

Even if you’re not on here, your blog is still awesome possum! Thank you for everything guys!<3

Ohh thank you so much!! :D and congrats on your 7K followers! <3

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guys im like 19 away from my next thousand !!!

reblog this to help me out please ? I’ll check out everyone who reblogs/follows :)

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Hey guys, I hit 5k followers yesterday and i thought i would do a giveaway!

Giving away:

  • 13-inch Macbook Pro
  • Box that it came in with the information guide
  • Charger
  • MagSafe Power Adapter (the cord in the last pic it’s basically an extension cord for the charger but i’ve never used it)


  • Must be following me
  • Likes don’t count, but reblog as many times as you want. (Keep your followers in mind.)
  • The winner will be chosen by my currently 4 year old cousin, i will have her scroll through the notes and choose one at random
  • Winner must have askbox open so i can contact them! If it’s not open when i choose a winner, after 3 days i will choose another winner


  • I will ship internationally.
  • Remember that i would have to get your address or PO Box to be able to ship it to you.
  • Whether i will announce the winner/promote them or keep it quiet will be up to the winner. 

If this post gets more than 3k notes before the end date (JULY 15TH), i will throw in 4 laptop cases (all for the 13 inch laptop) as one of the prizes. 

Giving away my laptop because it’s been taking up way too much of my time and i just don’t need it anymore (i have a desktop computer). The laptop is too much of a distraction and i want to do so many things without getting caught up on it. 

Any questions or if you need me to take pics of anything else, send me an ask

Good luck!

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look at Tyler being a fangirl over TRXYE :)

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dan is life

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nash grier has almost overtaken dan with subscribersimage

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